All You Need to Know About Garage Doors


Just like their name suggests, traditional garage doors are more classic and conservative looking garage doors. They are typically manufactured in one of two materials, which are steel and natural wood, and are some of the most commonly installed residential garage door styles. Different styles of traditional garage door Steel This is a single-layer garage […]
According to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US. That adds up to more than two burglaries every minute and over 3,300 burglaries per day. That could be why 62% of the respondents to our State of Safety survey named a break-in as their top property crime worry. The garage is […]
Are you in need of the latest garage door opener system, but do not know how much of a dent it will leave in your pocketbook? The following guide will help you determine the variables to consider when searching. Want to know more about your garage door openerchoices and what to consider when you hire […]
What kind of opener is going to be best for you? First, we need to figure out what kind of opener you are looking for specifically, that is going to meet and fulfill your every garage door need. Primos Garage Doors is here to help you make the right choice for you, your home, and ease […]
June is garage door safety month, and even though residential doorsafety is important, commercial garage doors are important as well. The majority of commercial building openings use rolling garage doors, which means they are generally bigger, heavier and take in much more traffic and use than a residential unit. With all this use of commercial […]
Spring Cleaning began as a way to clean away your Winter’s mess and clutter. Cleaning your home or personal space can also give a sense of satisfaction that will put you in a good mood. Typically, spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house, but what about your garage? We at Primos Garage Doors have […]