Holidays, Decorations, and Garage Doors | Primos Garage

Holidays, Decorations, and Garage Doors | Primos Garage

It’s that time of year when decorations pop up around the neighborhood and neighbors take part in friendly competitions for the best decorations. Primos Garage Doors is here to assist you in choosing the best holiday decorations for your garage door. So, while you are inside trimming your tree, do not forget about the blank canvas outside — your garage door!

There are various decorations to choose from to create an illusion of a winter wonderland, such as displaying Santa’s reindeer or bringing your door to life with beautiful lights. However you want to decorate, Primos Garage Doors has festive holiday ideas made just for you!

Projector Lights

Projector lights offer simple and easy options for decorating your driveway, garage, or small patch of yard, with minimal effort. Projector lights cover your garage door with snowflakes, reindeer, stars, or snowmen, each of which comes in a variety of color combinations and selections.

Light projectors are a safe choice, as you can continuously open and close your garage door without any hassle or interference. They are also easy to locate at your local store where holiday decorations are sold.

Border of Lights

Holiday lights come in a vast variety of options and colors. With all of the new and constantly improving innovation over the years, LED lights have become the number one pick for outdoor use.

You can choose traditional lights, or spice things up with twinkling imitation icicles that shine. Creative and technologically savvy individuals create light displays that coordinate with holiday music. Bordering your garage with lights will help catch the neighborhood’s attention.

There are some things to avoid, however, when bordering your garage door with lights.

First: abstain from hanging or sticking the holiday lights on or around any of your garage door’s mechanisms. If the mechanisms are interrupted at all, you will run the risk of damaging your holiday lights and potentially even your garage door.

Second: if the holiday lights you are hanging are too close to your roof, it may be wiser and safer to use light clips or hooks instead of the usual nails or staples. This will help prevent damage to your roof and make the process of dismantling of your holiday decorations simple, quick, and easy.

Stickers and Magnets

The last option is another simple decorative technique that amps up your home’s holiday outfit: vinyl stickers or garage door magnets (depending on your garage door’s material).

Not only are these stickers easy to install, they’re also easy to peel off when you’re ready to finish the holiday season.

Most vinyl stickers are weather resistant and can withstand the cold temperatures and climates during the holiday season. Not to mention, there is a plethora of vinyl stickers to choose from!

Having trouble making a choice? Metal garage doors can support magnets, but before making a purchase or investment, confirm that it will stick first. A quick test uses a typical magnet from your refrigerator to see whether or not it will stick to the garage door. If it does, then a garage door magnet is the perfect choice for you!

If you find that the test fails, investigate the vinyl stickers to spruce up your holiday decorations.

Vinyl stickers are usually made to decorate cars, but they can also liven up your garage door. When applying your vinyl sticker, be sure to clean off the garage door first, so that there’s better adhesion on the garage door.

When the holiday season is over, remove the vinyl sticker by applying heat to its surface. Use a hairdryer to melt the vinyl sticker’s glue and slowly peel the vinyl sticker away. These vinyl stickers are not only easy to apply and remove, but are a safe choice as well, since the adhesive is sticky enough to stay but won’t damage the paint or material beneath.

Caution: Keep in Mind

Even though decorating your garage door sounds fun, there are always precautions to be taken when considering decorations and your garage door. Accidents or injuries can happen, depending on the situation and circumstances, and to help prevent them, here are a few things to avoid to protect your investment:

  • Keep the garage doors’ track and mechanical components free of interference (hanging lights, etc.)
  • To avoid impeding the garage door’s ability to function, keep creases and other operational areas clear of obstructions
  • Clean your garage door as much as possible you can before putting up any decorations
  • Debris (dirt, grime, dust) can be a nasty cause of malfunction and damage

We’re Here for You!

Our experts at Primos Garage Doors love the holiday season and enjoy seeing all of the creative methods in which decorations are coordinated.

If you run into any accidents or damage with your garage door this holiday season, be sure to give us a call! (720) 621-7737

Primos Garage Doors has you covered when it comes to garage door repairs or replacements. We are here to help you and your loved ones stay safe this holiday season.

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