Hydraulic Dock Levelers

What Is a Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler?

A hydraulic dock leveler is a heavy-duty mechanical system that enables the safe and efficient transfer of goods between a loading dock and a transport vehicle. These dock levelers utilize hydraulic cylinders to provide superior structural support while allowing for the fully powered raise and lowering of the loading platform. By implementing push button activation, the dock leveler can provide the lowest maintenance and safest choice available on the market.

In addition, the optional independent lip control and lip extension functions enable the leveler to further customize the operation to suit a variety of needs. The internal velocity safety stop is one of the standard features that prevent free fall, while the in-line velocity fuses ensure that the leveler never goes too fast. Altogether, hydraulic dock levelers offer a reliable and efficient method of loading and unloading goods onto transport vehicles with the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

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Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler Troubleshooting

Although our hydraulic dock levelers are designed for maximum durability and functionality, they may require maintenance from time to time, like any other equipment.

Fortunately, when you purchase a high-quality hydraulic dock leveler from Primos Garage Doors, you receive a detailed and comprehensive owner’s manual to assist in solving any issues that may arise. The performance of a hydraulic leveler can be affected by various issues, such as:

  • Even with the push button activated, the motor does not function
  • The motor is functioning properly, but the deck is not in motion.
  • You can utilize fully powered raise, but the deck will not come back down.
  • The circuit’s main breaker or overload relay is continuously being activated, causing it to interrupt the power supply.
  • The leveler moves upward inconsistently, with bouncing and shaking movements.

When you encounter troubles with your hydraulic dock leveler, refer to its instruction manual for the best advice on how to get back into action quickly. If the problems persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experienced professionals for further support. We are always ready and willing to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible!

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Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler Maintenance

To keep your hydraulic dock levelers functioning optimally, you must perform regular maintenance on the system. This includes inspecting the equipment at least once per year for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

Below are some integral maintenance procedures for hydraulic dock levelers.

  • To ensure optimal performance, it’s important to regularly check the hydraulic dock leveler oil levels. Aim for a reservoir filled two to three inches below its lid each month – and keep your 1-3 horsepower power source in peak shape!
  • Change the hydraulic oil once a year.
  • Keeping a maintenance log is key for ensuring the long-term success of hydraulic dock levelers, as regular inspections and maintenance can prevent unforeseen issues from arising.
  • To keep your hydraulic dock leveler running like new, make sure to fully extend the cylinder regularly – this helps preserve optimal performance and avoids oil accumulation in the system. Don’t forget to give it some TLC with upper barrel lubrication!
  • Proper lubrication is the key to keeping your machinery running smoothly. To stay ahead of wear and tear from extreme conditions such as freezing temperatures, aim to give your machinery a monthly oil change for optimal performance.
  • Twice a year, be sure to keep your dock leveler up-to-date by swapping out any old or gunky hydraulic fluid for fresh. Additionally, it’s important to check the reservoirs for condensation which can not only damage the pump but also compromise performance and safety.

If you have followed the steps in your hydraulic leveler’s instruction manual but it still isn’t working properly, you should consider booking professional help from Primos Garage Doors. Our technicians are skilled at identifying and fixing any problem with all dock levelers. This will enable you to resume your work seamlessly.