Vertical Dock Levelers

What Is a Vertical Dock Leveler?

Primos Garage Doors offers a wide variety of dock levelers, and one of the most popular systems is a vertical storing one. A vertical loading dock leveler is a type of dock leveler that is designed to provide efficient and safe loading and unloading of goods in an upright position. It is an essential equipment used in dockyards, warehouses, and industrial plants. This innovative dock leveler is designed to maintain strict temperature control during the loading and unloading, ensuring that the goods are not exposed to the external environment and maintain their quality.

The vertical loading dock leveler is a hydraulic leveler that operates with a control panel and is controlled by the dock attendant. The hydraulic system is responsible for lifting the deck cylinder, which levels the trailer doors with the dock door, providing full-width contact between the truck bed and the pit floor. In addition, the deck cylinder ensures a constant pressure touch, preventing debris entry and increasing velocity fuse efficiency. The hydraulic system consists of a separate manifold system that provides smooth and consistent operation for many years.

The significant benefit of a vertical storing dock leveler is that it has overhead doors which can be raised and lowered vertically. This creates additional space to accommodate larger trucks or trailers. Additionally, the vertical storing dock leveler is designed to maintain constant contact between the truck bed and the dock floor, eliminating the potential for damage resulting from uneven loading and unloading of goods. Finally, this system is beneficial for maintaining strict temperature control, making it a go-to choice for industries that deal with perishable goods or those requiring temperature-controlled environments.

In summary, the vertical loading dock leveler is a critical piece of dock equipment that ensures efficient and safe loading and unloading of goods in the vertical position. It is a hydraulic system with a control panel controlled by the dock attendant. In addition, the vertical storing dock levelers are designed to maintain strict temperature control, full-width contact between the truck bed and the dock floor, and increase velocity fuse efficiency. In short, if you want to ensure the safe and efficient handling of your goods, a vertical storing dock leveler is an excellent piece of dock equipment to invest in.

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Vertical Dock Leveler Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your vertical levelers? Several issues could be at play, from faulty components to environmental factors. Consult the instruction manual for helpful troubleshooting tips and solutions – it’ll help you get back on track in no time! In addition, the performance of a vertical leveler can be disrupted by various issues, such as:

  • The deck motor hums faintly, yet no matter how many times one presses the command button, it will not lift or descend.
  • The deck does not raise even when the command button is pressed, and the motor is not functioning. However, the primary power supply is attached correctly and operative.
  • Despite desperate efforts to start the motor, an obstruction in its circuitry thwarts all attempts – a blown fuse that keeps tripping.
  • After initiating the action, there was a delay in deploying the deck – it is sluggish in its response.
  • The motor continues running while the deck only partially rises, often accompanied by more noises.
  • The leveler deck ceases to lower.
  • Pressing the action button does not produce a response from the deck.
  • The lip doesn’t move correctly.

Contact a licensed professional should any issues remain unresolved after consulting the vertical leveler’s instruction manual. An experienced technician at Primos Garage Doors can assess any potential underlying issues and recommend the best course of action. By investing in regular maintenance and troubleshooting, you’ll have peace of mind that your vertical dock levelers are running smoothly.

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Vertical Dock Leveler Maintenance

Vertical levelers offer impressive performance capabilities, but their upkeep requires a slightly high degree of attention. Operating vertical levelers smoothly relies on completing all the necessary weekly maintenance practices – lubrication and ensuring it’s hovering 15 inches above the dock are just two parts of this cycle! Nevertheless, with regular care, dock levelers provide excellent results while saving valuable space in your facility.

The following are some of the actions you can take every week to ensure your system is running optimally:

  • Ensure that identifying graphic elements are always in top condition – replacing any decals or other graphics if their clarity has been diminished by wear and tear.
  • Inspectors must carefully check the integrity of the rear and lip hinge lines while the leveler is in its lowest position. A cleaner experience can be achieved for customers entering or exiting your facility by ensuring everything runs smoothly!
  • Take a plunge into the depths of the leveler’s pit and restore it to its former glory – free from dirt and grime!
  • Take a deep look at the concrete and steel within the inner mechanisms.
  • Confirm the leveler’s ability to move up and down has been checked.

As part of the quarterly maintenance, it is necessary to check the fluid levels while keeping the leveler vertically stored and its lip tucked away.

The vehicle system must undergo the following inspections:

  • Verify the condition of the bumpers and the functionality of the internal and external lights.
  • Inspect the junction box thoroughly for any indication of damage or moisture that may impede the electrical components and connections.
  • Evaluate the hydraulics, including fittings, hoses, power packs, cylinders, and other parts.
  • Check the control box and conduit.
  • Examine the rod end cylinder pins, rod eyes, and rod hardware.
  • Ensure that the limit switch is securely mounted.
  • Look for any cracks in the welds.
  • Check the solenoid coils/valves for any bends or cracks.
  • Remove debris behind the rod eye and underneath the trunnion/prop weld.

Dock levelers need to be regularly lubricated and maintained for optimal performance. Lightweight machine oil should be used on lip/hoist cylinder rod wipers, pins, storage prop pins, and platform & lip hinges, while white lithium grease is best suited for hoist cylinders with grease fittings. Make sure you include changing the hydraulic oil in your annual maintenance routine – depending on environmental control; it may even require more frequent changes! Contact Primos Garage Doors today to keep your vertical position leveler in perfect condition!

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