Air-Powered Dock Levelers

What Is an Air-Powered Dock Leveler?

An air-powered loading dock leveler is a type of dock leveler that is activated through the use of compressed air. This leveler features an air bag located in the subframe of the dock leveler and is inflated to create a deck that is level with the trailer bed. This inflation process is initiated through push button activation air, making the loading and unloading process faster and more efficient.

Compared to hydraulic levelers, air-powered dock levelers offer an economical alternative that requires minimal maintenance and low pressure to operate. The bellows system used in air-powered dock levelers is designed to create a tight seal between the deck and bed, maximizing safety and preventing any gap that could cause accidents. These types of dock levelers come in various models and feature different technology, such as a dependable hydraulic system that increases durability while reducing the amount of electricity needed.

The construction of the air-powered loading dock leveler is designed to support heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions through its strong materials and pit technology. The lips and deck are reinforced to accommodate frequent heavy machinery usage, capable of functioning in all weather conditions. The durability of air-powered dock levelers is a standout feature that makes them an excellent investment for business owners. Overall, this type of loading dock leveler is ideal for businesses looking for an affordable and efficient loading and unloading method.

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Air-Powered Dock Leveler Troubleshooting

Here are some issues commonly faced when troubleshooting

  • When you press the activation button, the platform does not go up and the motor does not turn on or operate.
  • The motor hums but doesn’t run and the platform still doesn’t rise.
  • Still doesn’t rise even though the motor starts.
  • The platform rises slower than usual.
  • It rises but doesn’t reach its full height.
  • The platform reaches its full height but the lip doesn’t extend correctly.
  • The lip does not extend at all.
  • A pressing raise on the push button activation, the lip will extend before the deck raises.
  • The lip raises temporarily but lowers back down when the leveler moves.

To ensure the proper functioning of your air-powered leveler, take a look at its instruction manual for any potential solutions. However, if trouble persists despite these attempts to fix it yourself – call the experts at Primos Garage Doors for help!

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Air-Powered Dock Leveler Maintenance

Much like their vertical counterparts, air-powered leveler maintenance must happen both periodically and regularly.

Primos Garage Doors recommends performing the following list of tasks every week for maintenance purposes.

  • The device must complete its full cycle to maintain adequate lubrication of the electrical parts.
  • It is important to inspect the hinges and lip hinges regularly and ensure they are free of dirt or grime. Any built-up debris can cause damage to their operations.
  • Take a look at the leveler pit to make sure that it is free of dirt and debris. This will help maintain the leveler’s reliability.
  • Please inspect the deck area, especially the space around and underneath the air bag, to ensure there is no debris buildup. Such debris can damage the air bag and affect its performance.

The features of these dock levelers need to undergo maintenance every three months.

  • Apply lightweight machine oil to the lip hinge areas that have grease fittings for lubrication.
  • Apply lightweight machine oil to the hinge areas that have grease fittings for lubrication.
  • Apply lightweight machine oil to lubricate the lip prop pivots, lip link pivots, and safety leg linkage pivots.

Keep your leveler running smoothly with white lithium grease rather than machine oil – and don’t forget to check the hinges and hydraulics! Overall, with regular maintenance, your system will run smoothly and efficiently. For professional assistance or repair, contact Primos Garage Doors today!