All You Need to Know About Garage Doors


Have you ever wondered why it still feels cold inside your house despite having installed a heating system? The culprit? It’s your garage.  You might have already heard from your neighbors or co-workers that you need to upgrade your non-insulated garage door. You’re sitting on the fence about this one because you can’t see the benefits […]
Imagine living in America a hundred years ago. As you come home with your car, you stop in front of the garage door, leave the car to open the garage, then go back to the car and drive it inside. Indeed, there was a lot more physical effort involved then. Today, almost every western home […]
Your garage door represents as much as 30% of your home exterior. Installing a new garage door is an invaluable investment. According to studies, the return on investment for a new garage door exceeds most other home improvement jobs. If there’s one thing you need to understand about your garage door, installing it yourself is […]
Your garage door is the fortress of your home. It protects your car, valuables, and it also keeps your family safe too. However, even the most well-built door can fail to correctly function if it doesn’t undergo proper professional maintenance. As you go through each day pressing your door’s remote control, you might notice early […]
Picking out or replacing a new Garage Door is no small task. Did you know that your garage door represents as much as 30% of the exterior of your home? While the cost of home improvement projects can be unexpected, you may be surprised to know that installing a new door is an excellent investment. […]
It is understandable how difficult it is when choosing a garage door, but another choice that many do not consider is what type of opener for your garage door. Primos Garage Doors is here to help in the decision of your purchase and what to expect regarding cost, construction, strength and longevity, and noise for […]