Fix a Slow-Opening Garage Door | Primos Garage Doors

Fix a Slow-Opening Garage Door | Primos Garage Doors

Is your garage in need of some extra TLC? Here are some tips on how to repair a slow-opening garage door that will put your mind at ease.

Our schedules, lifestyles, day-to-day activities, and emergencies can require hasty departures from our homes—which is why it’s important for us to have a garage door that opens reliably on each occasion. With winter and colder weather approaching, having a well-behaved and cooperative garage door is a must. So, what exactly is it that happens when your garage door is slow to open? Below are the top 3 reasons as to why a garage door might be less responsive—and advice on how to resolve them.

1. Lack of proper lubrication. Like any other mechanical structure that relies on hinges, rollers or tracks to operate, garage doors need the occasional greasing to keep their movements uniform, smooth and prompt. This type of maintenance should be done every three months to ensure the door is opening and closing properly. It’s important to note that WD-40 is not recommended for lubricating garage doors. This is because the chemicals in WD-40 products destroy a garage door’s necessary greases that help the mechanics function properly. Silicon or lithium grease sprays are acceptable and suggested for lubrication maintenance.

2. The garage door is just simply old. An aging garage door can be a problem—its systems, functions and parts might not be up to speed, which can demand frequent repairs/replacements, or a new door altogether. Upgrading specific parts when necessary are always a plus, but there is always a chance that your garage door may have to be replaced entirely. If that’s the case, and you find yourself looking for the best garage door repair in Denver, take a peek at Primos Garage Doors .

3. The control settings have been switched to “slow.” Accidents happen—and as humans, we have all found ourselves in situations where we inadvertently change a setting on a device that makes our lives harder. In some cases, a garage door’s controls could have been switched to slow. Double-checking the settings and controls for your garage door can guarantee that this mistake won’t happen again.

When all else fails, contact a professional. If you’re still experiencing a slow-to-open garage door after examining the potential causes above, reach out to your local garage door repair company and have a licensed contractor take a look at the door themselves. Emergency garage door repairs require special attention and should be performed only by a professional. Safety first, always!

Thinking of upgrading to a crisp, new garage door? Custom garage doors in Denver are right around the corner—Primos Garage Doors will have your garage up and ready in no time. They also offer garage door installation for easy access to and from your home. Contact Primos Garage Doors today!

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