Upgrade Your Garage: 5 Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

Upgrade Your Garage: 5 Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

Have you ever wondered why it still feels cold inside your house despite having installed a heating system?

The culprit? It’s your garage. 

You might have already heard from your neighbors or co-workers that you need to upgrade your non-insulated garage door. You’re sitting on the fence about this one because you can’t see the benefits of an insulated garage door. To you, all garage doors look and function the same. 

You might be thinking that your garage door only exists to keep your car and home safe. Well, not quite. Considering how big the entrance to your garage is, the cold can easily transfer through an uninsulated door or be let in when you open. If there’s no heating system in your garage, the air will leak into your living area or the rooms beside it. That explains why your house still feels chilly.

You need a solution to control the temperature of your garage at all times. One of your best energy-efficient options is to get an insulated garage door.

Insulated garage door

If you ask your garage door experts at Primos Garage Doors, an insulated garage door will benefit you and your home. An insulated garage door provides additional weather protection and seals your home with polystyrene in between their steel panels. The garage door foam insulation or polystyrene material has a knit cell structure to prevent air leaks. This is how it keeps the heat inside during winter or the heat out during summer.

Here are more advantages to a garage door insulation installation for your home is your best option.

Benefits of an insulated garage door

1. It saves energy and costs

Most garages have internal doors that directly lead into the house. With slight gaps on the sides of those doors, the air easily escapes into whatever rooms are beside it.

If your garage has its own insulation system, the inside temperature is maintained. Just like an energy-efficient window, it reduces your energy consumption, thereby saving you on the cost of your electric bills. 

2. Eliminates noise

Aside from the weather, insulation materials are also excellent at managing noise either inside or outside your house. It can buffer unpleasant street sounds. On the other hand, you will also avoid disrupting your neighbors if you decide to work on a project in your garage or maybe start a band.

An insulated garage door itself also doesn’t emit noise since the material inserted inside during construction allows for more tightly controlled movement. A quiet garage door will let you know that you’ve invested in the right one. 

3. Durability

Standard garage doors are made of thin and lightweight materials which are prone to dents. When kids in the neighborhood play and accidentally bump into your garage with their bicycle or flying ball, you’ll see an unwanted crater on your garage door.

When steel panels are layered with insulation it ensures that the panel material is secure and remains intact. This means that the added garage door durability makes it less likely to get damaged by small impacts. 

4. Protection for your cars and other items

Too much heat or cold makes your house uncomfortable and damages the things inside your garage, including your car. Most parts of your vehicle need to be stored at an average temperature, or suffer damage as a result. For instance, exposure to freezing temperatures can shorten your car battery’s life or thicken the brake or engine fluids. The circuitry within electronics and the computer system are also affected if you let your car stay where the temperatures are high.

5. Convenience and comfort

Your garage is also an ideal space for you to do crafts, exercise, or store unused items. Shrill others use it as an entertainment area where they put up a mini theater to watch movies or play games. Whatever it may be, you should keep the garage warm during winter to be ready for these occasions.

That’s why an energy-efficient option like an insulation system is just practical for your garage door. It will keep you and your guests comfortable while you are hanging out there.

Is an insulated garage door worth it?

Any type of home improvement involves costs, and you can’t avoid that. However, it’s definitely worthy of an investment. A quality insulated garage door keeps your home, your property, and your family safe.

When you weigh the benefits of an insulated garage door versus an uninsulated one, you find the former has more evident pros. Insulated garage doors save you more in the long run making them worth the upfront cost. They enable you to cut expenses since they are more energy-efficient and don’t need as much maintenance

Your house should be a cozy place that provides you comfort when cold or warm days come. This is why it’s essential to hire the professional garage door installers at Primos Garage Doors to guide you through keeping your home beautiful and comfortable. 

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