Spring Cleaning Your Garage | Primos Garage Doors, CO

Spring Cleaning Your Garage | Primos Garage Doors, CO

Spring Cleaning began as a way to clean away your Winter’s mess and clutter. Cleaning your home or personal space can also give a sense of satisfaction that will put you in a good mood. Typically, spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house, but what about your garage? We at Primos Garage Doors have some helpful tips for you, if it’s time for a change!

We can show you how to make the most of this space, while making room for everything you still need to store and reclaim your garage in a few simple steps:

  1. Declutter
  2. Covering Your Walls
  3. Floor Plan
  4. Priorities
  5. Finishing Touches

Here are some helpful tips to go about getting started on redesigning your garage and taking control of your space once more!

Decluttering the Chaos

Are you amazed by the mountains of items you own? Now is the time to pick a warm day and sort through the contents in your garage to get items into organized piles:

  • Objects to trash
  • Objects to recycle
  • Objects to donate to a local charity or person/family in need
  • Objects to sell
  • Objects to save as keepsakes
  • Objects to keep in your garage

This is essential in starting to reclaim your garage and space, but stay on track as this task is daunting and easy to lose focus from.

Choices to Cover the Garage Walls

Choosing a wall finish that matches your lifestyle is key! The choice remains to insulate the garage or not. Insulating could turn your space into a cozy cove for you and your family, especially with summer approaching, and outdoor activities afoot. After insulating, the choice for the exterior is next. Most homeowners choose a drywall, as it is easy to install and paint to accommodate the space in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Take into consideration an exterior siding, used to cover the bottom four feet of garage walls in order to help protect against dirt and water.

Floor Plan Designs

The first thing to do is to measure and map out your garage to get a full picture of the space and the possibilities to come. Attempt to draw the garage to scale and take note of wall fixtures, outlets, windows, etc.

Take into consideration the extra or unused space in your garage (i.e. the wall flanking your garage door and the space above your garage door). These are possible spaces to install shelving

or once your car clearance for the garage is cleared above the tracks and automatic opener – the rest can be used for storing large bins or items.

After designing your ideal floor plan, make note if you may need extra electrical outlets, lighting, and what items need to fit in the garage, such as:

  • Sports equipment
  • Work bench / tool storage
  • Extra appliances (Refrigerator, Freezer, etc.)

Listing Top Priorities

Now is the time to make a list of what needs to be done and select the choices that are going to best suit you, your family, and your budget!

  • Paint: Look for paint made for concrete and check if a primer is recommended.
  • Professional Tasks: Choosing and budgeting for an electrician.
  • Storage Solutions: building items yourself or re-purposing items you already own to save on costs. Also, pre-made storage units made of wood, plastic or metal.

If you are experiencing some difficulties or lack of inspiration, online searches for “garage storage ideas” is an option or searching on your favorite DYI sites.

Adding Those Finishing Touches

Complete your finishing touches with Primos Garage Doors! We can assist you in choosing your dream garage door and automatic garage door opener. With our wide variety in selection, Primos Garage Doors can help choose a door that fits your home, adds curb appeal, and suits your budget. We can assist you in choosing a garage door with proper insulation and weatherproofing to ensure you and your family’s comfort all throughout the year! 


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Primos Garage Doors

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