Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

Homeowners understand the importance of home value. Whether you’re considering staying in your home for the next 20 years or planning to sell it soon, you must consider that your garage door takes up to 40% of the street facing part of your home! When doing repairs and replacements keep in mind a shabby, worn down, load, squeaky door is never a good sign, and can potentially be a safety concern. . Your garage door is one aspect of your home that you should consider depending on if it is damaged or aged or not properly maintained once a year . Does it need to be repaired or fully replaced?

Primos Garage Doors can help you with any repairs and replacements for your garage door in Lafayette, CO. In this blog, we are going to discuss when you should stick to repairs and when you should get your garage replaced.

A Repair Is Necessary If:

Your Garage Door Suddenly Stops Working

If the problem is not the door batteries, you want to look into a repair. It could be an issue with various components of the door mechanism, like a failed operator, broken cables, or broken springs. Our trained mechanics can quickly identify and fix these issues.

Your Garage Door is Heavy or Sagging

When you open and close the door manually and it suddenly feels heavier, the extra weight can indicate issues with the door springs. Likewise, a sagging door could be due to damaged torsion springs, responsible for most of the door’s heavy lifting. Here, you’ll need a specialist to replace the springs because this issue can put massive pressure on the motor and is extremely dangerous and could potentially cause permanent bodily dismemberment or even death. Other dangers include door falling, or openers activating during replacement.

You Need A Complete Door Replacement If:

There is Damage on Multiple Panels

When many door panels are cracked or rotting, you can efficiently deal with it through a replacement rather than fixing extensive structural damage.

Multiple damaged panels can cause uneven weight distribution, which puts excess pressure on the door’s framework and motor. Thus, you have to get a quick replacement to protect your garage from bad weather, intruders, and neighborhood animals and bugs.

The Garage Door Vibrates Excessively

If there is a disturbing squealing noise every time you operate your garage door, or it shakes too much when moving, a new garage door installation is inevitable. This could be a problem of faulty hinges and springs, spent bearings, or an unequal tension distribution. The door could also have exhausted its lifespan and require an upgrade.

Being informed is essential, so you know whether your garage door needs a quick repair or you need to call in technicians from Primos Garage Doors for a new garage door installation. Of course, the worthiest indicator for a door replacement is if there is long-term operational damage.

In all cases, you can trust our technicians to repair and replace your garage door in Lafayette, CO. Schedule an estimate today!

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