Prevent Garage Doors from Freezing | Primos Garage, CO

Prevent Garage Doors from Freezing | Primos Garage, CO

The combination of inclement weather and sub-freezing temperatures can result in your garage door freezing shut, which could potentially cause damage to your garage door opening and closing system. In many cases, taking the time to implement garage door prevention strategies will ensure that you are able to enter and exit your garage safely even in the worst winter storms. Here are some proven techniques for protecting against frozen garage doors this year.

Insulate Your Garage

Adding garage door insulation is a good first step toward creating a more comfortable environment inside your garage and preventing most instances of freezing. By maintaining warmer temperatures inside, you can keep your garage doors warmer during cold days. This will significantly reduce the risk of these entry points freezing to the ground and creating issues with motors and other elements of your garage door opening system.

Install a Space Heater

Another strategy that can warm things up inside and lower your risk of frozen garage doors is to purchase and install a space heater inside your garage. These appliances are available in gas-powered and electric models. While natural gas and propane heaters are somewhat less expensive to operate, they may be more costly to install. Electric heaters are an easier solution for many homeowners. They come with a higher price tag and a higher cost of operation in most cases.

Use Table Salt or Silicone Based Lubricant

Your local garage door repair company can recommend a silicone spray that should be applied to the rubber weather seal at the bottom of your garage doors. This will prevent your doors from sticking to the ground and will extend the life of your weather seal. If silicone spray is not available, salt can be used to create a freeze-proof barrier between the bottom of your door and the cold ground beneath.

Clear Snow From Around Your Garage Doors

Shoveling away the snow that accumulates against your garage doors is a great first step toward reducing the risk of frozen garage doors . By removing snow and ice as soon as possible after it falls, you will prevent it from refreezing in place and creating a problem that will require more effort to resolve.

If your garage door fails to operate properly after a freeze event, the team at Primos Garage Doors can provide the reliable and affordable services you need to resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Give us a call at 720-621-7737 to book an appointment or to request an estimate from us. We are your first choice in garage doors.

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