Cost of Garage Door Opener | Primos Garage Doors, CO

Cost of Garage Door Opener | Primos Garage Doors, CO

Are you in need of the latest garage door opener system, but do not know how much of a dent it will leave in your pocketbook? The following guide will help you determine the variables to consider when searching. Want to know more about your garage door openerchoices and what to consider when you hire a professional garage door company? Keep reading to find out more.

Having a garage door opener is more of a necessity than a luxury. With busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, you need to maximize your precious time. Having control at the press of a button adds to the convenience. Your garage door opener will save you time and trouble when it comes to activities like unloading the groceries or avoiding inclement weather.

Cost Factors of Installing a Garage Door Opener

The following will give you information about what factors can affect the price of your door.

The cost of openers depends on the type, brand, and model you prefer. There are many options for you to choose from, and if you check with your local garage door experts , they can advise you of the best options for your budget and functionality requirements.

You must also take into account where cost is concerned whether you prefer a belt drive over a chain drive. Other cost factors include what your desired noise level is, how much horsepower you need, and what type of remote or clicker you fancy. The cost will increase if you add accessories like security cameras and overhead lights, or convenience features such as wifi-smartphone enabled controls, or an automatic lock.

When asking for an estimate for your garage door opener installation , make sure to ask what is included in the service fee. Most of the necessary installation costs do not include old unit removal. So, it is better to ask and be clear before the installation starts.

Garage Door Opener Types

To choose from the three major types of openers that professional installers endorse, you need to consider your garage location and the pros and cons of each garage door opener drive system. Safety is another consideration, and your door should reverse when there is an obstacle in the way.

Type 1: Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers

The most economical among the three types is the chain-drive opener. It can have higher lifting capacity and is rated for heavier doors and more arid climates. Because it is the cheapest, it is also the noisiest. This will not be the ideal choice if you have rooms directly above your garage. Its price can range from $119 to $268. It is usually reliable but requires more garage door opener maintenance because it’s constructed with metal on metal parts and should be lubricated regularly with white lithium grease to prevent rusting.

Type 2: Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener

Instead of using metal chains, a belt-drive opener operates with a steel-reinforced rubber belt that causes less vibration and less noise. With a higher price range of $180 to $344, you can enjoy your belt-drive garage door opener for longer with more peace of mind. Some of the added benefits of a belt-drive:

  • It can be hooked up to the internet or home network.
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • It has a battery backup.

While most customers prefer the conveniences, the downside is that its installation is a bit more complicated, and the belt may slip if exposed to very high humidity or extreme heat.

Type 3: Direct-Drive Garage Door Opener

The simplest among the four types, the direct-drive opener, uses a stationary chain in a steel rail and only has one moving part, the motor, to open and close the garage door. Since it has no chain, belt, or screw, it operates with almost no noise at all. With its higher price of $269 to $439, it offers a robust garage door opener with automatic reverse and sensor safety operations.

When looking at garage door opener cost , take all the factors above into account and decide what features are the most important. Garage door openers are more sophisticated than ever before. The biggest concern most homeowners have is security! With smart home technology, garage door openers offer security, convenience, and less hassle. While some consumers are looking for the best price, some are indeed looking for the best options, no matter the cost.

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