Garage Doors Need Insulating | Primos Garage Doors

Garage Doors Need Insulating | Primos Garage Doors

The winter and fall season brings chilly mornings, heavy rain, as well as cold winds. This is why most homeowners take the needed actions to ensure their residence is warm and comfortable during fall and wintertime. Insulating homes is a standard practice to maintain a comfortable living setting as well as reduce heating costs. Another standard practice is protecting pipes to keep them from getting too cold and bursting. What many fail to recognize is the importance of protecting their garage.

Most garage doors, commercial or residential, are made of wood, aluminum or steel. They are uninsulated by default. If you have a large garage area, then you’re losing a considerable amount of heat through your garage. Garage insulation offers several advantages. Not only will it keep the garage warmer, it likewise helps decrease the loss of heat. Additionally, the insulation works as a noise absorbent, which makes the garage quieter.

Here’s how to insulate your garage door.

Choose insulation type

There are several types of insulation available. Reflective insulation, foam board insulation, as well as batt insulation, are the most common types.

  • Reflective insulation uses multiple layers of aluminum foil, bubble wrap, and another layer of polyethylene. This type of insulation forms a barrier against unwanted moisture and heat.
  • Foam board insulation is typically made from polystyrene. The panels range from .5 inch to 1-inch thickness however, provides high insulating value.
  • Batt insulation is commonly made of fiberglass. It is backed by foil or paper, which acts as a barrier against air and vapor.

Measure Garage Door Panels

Before purchasing products for this project, you first need to determine the size of your garage door. Door panel sizes are not a one size fits all, so it’s crucial to make sure that you measure. Since you’ll be installing the insulation on the inside, measure the inside.

Cut the insulation

Most door insulation kits come pre-cut into sheets. It would be best if you cut them according to the size of metal panels of your garage door.

The door panels are not always the same dimension. To save yourself from the headache of wasted material, we recommend that you measure each panel separately.


Affix the insulation up against the door panel. You want the insulation to fill the inside of each panel of the garage door. Trim any excess as needed.

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