Reasons to Insulate Your Car Garage Door | Primos, CO

Reasons to Insulate Your Car Garage Door | Primos, CO

In terms of property value, it’s not essential. Nor are there any building codes that specify you insulate the walls, except for shared walls in an attached garage. Even then, you most likely have nothing to worry about. However, If you are looking to increase your property value, consider a Garage Door Upgrade!

Insulating Your Garage is, however essential for the following reasons:

Furthermore, you usually don’t have to worry about the R-value of the batt insulation within the garage walls. That has more to do with insulating your main living spaces. And, if you have a detached garage, none of these principles affect you at all. You don’t even have to worry about adding insulation to the garage door in that case because a detached garage doesn’t have to be energy efficient.

On the other hand, there are several good reasons to insulate a garage, whether it’s attached or free-standing. That includes insulating the garage door ,all the way down to closing the air gap under the door.

Extend Your Living or Workspace

Your garage can house more than just your car. You probably already store equipment in your garage or use it as your workshop. Or, perhaps the garage is the best place for your home gym? However, you use the space, adding ample insulation keeps the temperature more stable and comfortable year-round and can extend the life of your valuables.

Keep Cold Air Out of the House

Attached garages are often the source of cold air seeping into the house during the winter months. If the shared wall is not insulated correctly, your central heating will have to work overtime. Adding some insulation panels or even rigid foam insulation to the shared wall is easy to install and can solve your problem.

Protect Your Garage Pipes

If you have plumbing in your garage for the water heater or washing machine, for example, should be insulated. Again, rigid foam insulation works here, as does pipe insulation wrapped around pipes. Just cut with a utility knife and affix with adhesive tape. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of frozen pipes.
Of course, if you have a room over your garage, you certainly want insulation under and around it as well, including under the floor. There is more than one type of insulation you could use, from foam board to foil-faced insulation panels.

Reduce Noise

Another reason to insulate a garage is to reduce the noise. If your garage is your workout room, game room, etc., you’ll be generating a lot of noise that will make its way into your house without a filter. A thick layer of insulation within the shared wall goes a long way towards keeping the noise level down.

Reduce Heating Costs and Energy Efficiencies

Insulating homes is a standard practice to maintain a comfortable living setting as well as reduce heating costs.

Don’t Forget Your Garage Door

When insulating a garage, you can’t overlook the garage door. The door is a prime source of drafts. You can purchase a garage door panel insulation kits at Primos Garage Doors .

If your garage door needs professional-grade insulation, Garage Repair, or a new Garage Door Upgrade, the team at Primos Garage Doors can provide the reliable and affordable services you need to resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Give us a call at 720-621-7737 to book an appointment or to request an estimate from us. We are your first choice in garage doors.

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