3 Types of Garage Door Openers: Lifestyle Improvement

3 Types of Garage Door Openers: Lifestyle Improvement

Imagine living in America a hundred years ago.

As you come home with your car, you stop in front of the garage door, leave the car to open the garage, then go back to the car and drive it inside. Indeed, there was a lot more physical effort involved then.

Today, almost every western home has a garage door as part of its facade, considering it a vital and valuable asset. However, advances in technology and automation have improved the quality of life since that time. Thanks to these steps forward, automated garage doors came into existence to transform everyone’s lives.

Garage door openers

Garage door openers provide convenience, style, security, and safety for your home. This motorized device is usually attached to a pulley and cable to close or open the garage door through remote control.

You can see the significant advancements made after a century. 

Inventors have come a long way toward improving garage door openers’ mechanisms and functionality. Around the seventies, garage door openers became more common. Sadly, at that time, there were no safeguards in place to stop a descending door if something or someone was in the way leading to personal or property damage. 

In the nineties, the government mandated that garage door opener companies utilize advanced sensors to eradicate the safety issues. With progressing technology, the available features built into garage door openers increase, making them more suitable for today’s way of life.

Types of garage door openers

Now, you might be seeing why you should invest in a garage door opener. The biggest hurdle is choosing the right one for your home when there are many factors to consider. Here are the most common types of garage door openers with their unique functionality and mechanism that may benefit you:

Chain drive opener

One of the standard types of garage door openers uses a metal chain that connects the motor and the trolley. The chain either pushes or pulls the garage door by moving the other mechanisms attached to the door. Chain drive garage openers are cost-effective since they have time-tested technologies; however, they are built to last with proper maintenance. This type of opener is excellent for heavy garage doors as metal chains easily cope with the weight.

The downside of chain openers is that they may rust with neglect making a service plan essential. Because the chain is metal, its contact with the other parts of the machine makes noise. So, if there’s a bedroom right above your garage, the vibration this opener creates might disrupt the person inside that room. On the bright side, the metal chain’s noise gives you an advantage because it alerts you whenever someone is trying to sneak in or out at night.

Belt Drive

Although chain types of garage door openers are efficient, they are a nuisance because of the noise. So, for those who need the same efficiency without the clamor, you should opt for belt drive garage door openers. It has the exact mechanism as chain types but uses a belt instead of a chain, so it’s quiet when in use.

Belt types have a higher cost than chain drive openers because they are made of fiberglass or steel-reinforced rubber. As your garage door expert at Primos Garage Doors will tell you, it’s an investment because you need less maintenance and fewer repairs because of its high quality. However, you need to consider the weight of your garage door for this type of opener because it isn’t as strong as the chain openers.


Unlike the chain and belt drive, a jackshaft opener is more independent. Instead of putting the motor on the ceiling, it is installed on the upper part of a wall adjacent to the garage door itself. The jackshaft drive garage door opener is directly connected to the torsion bar. Hence, the garage door will no longer need a belt or a chain to operate it.

This category is the newest technology that gives you both efficiency and aesthetics. It is automatic, quiet, and doesn’t take much space. Some owners even have the option to control it through their smartphones or tablets. The jackshaft drive opener operates with electricity and can be backed up with a battery or other power system, so it still functions even when there’s an outage. Just like the belt drive, consider this a worthwhile investment.

Additional features when you upgrade your garage door opener.

Here are a few of the helpful features that some companies offer for your garage door upgrade:

  • A motion sensor that automatically turns on the lights in your garage
  • An automatic setting that closes the garage door after a preset time as theft-prevention
  • Safety features that stop the door’s motion when it detects an obstruction

It’s not about joining the bandwagon; it is about maintaining the safety and functionality of the largest entrance to your home. Contact Primos Garage Doors today for their expert technicians to discuss your options and book a visit to your location to ensure your garage door upgrade is customized to meet your needs.

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