Choose the Garage Door that’s Right for You | Primos

Choose the Garage Door that’s Right for You | Primos

Tips for Colorado Homeowners from Centennial and Beyond

We at Primos Garage Doors understand that curb appeal is a huge factor in your garage door choice, however, it is not the only factor when choosing the door that will best fit you and your home needs.

Other important considerations include longevity, maintenance and costs. But these depend on the use of your garage, such as a living space or workshop, and on the types of materials you choose.

Hardware for Your Door

Garage doors are typically the largest moving part of your home. The more the door is utilized, the more the safety of you and your family comes into play. A strong garage door that is built to last a long time is what every homeowner needs to ensure functionality and dependability of the equipment.

Longevity & Durability

Here are some hardware aspects to look at to ensure that your door will run smooth and easy for your every need.

Reinforced horizontal tracks: so that the track does not bend or warp under the weight of the door.

  • Torsion springs: 20,000 to 25,000-cycle springs will double the lifespan.
  • Lift cables: galvanizing the cables to keep them in tip top shape.
  • Hinges: full hinges, not half, allow for smoother retraction into the ceiling.
  • Reinforcement struts: a double door should be equipped with 3 reinforcement struts.
  • Rollers: typically, steel or covered in nylon to make them quieter is the best way to go!
  • Tracks: thickness is the key!
  • Anchoring plates: wall anchoring plates for vertical tracks should be not only bolted but welded to the tracks.

Garage Door Materials

Your door needs to have the ability to withstand the weather elements of Colorado at any given time and season, as we at Primos Garage Doors understands can change at any moment.

The three types of doors listed below offer a variety of options depending on your needs and wants:

  • Aluminum doors are generally the lowest maintenance there is. These doors come in a variety of styles and colors, have a rustproof design, and are lightweight.
  • Steel garage doors also come in a variety of designs, colors and finishes. Steel doors are sturdier than aluminum, however, they can rust if scratching or dents transpire.
  • Wood is a traditional option, but it requires routine maintenance, such as painting or staining to retain its aesthetic value.

Stylistic Choices

There are many different options when choosing the style of your garage door. Some choices include matching your garage door to your home’s front door; however, it may be even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye to match your garage door to your home’s windows. Traditional designs typically blend the garage door into the home to somewhat disappear, while more modern looking garage door, such as glass, allows for a celebration of the home and garage door with true curb appeal.

Design lines and patterns can include:

  • Cottage Country & Victorian Homes work best with paneled wood or similar looking material and decorative assortments such as iron hinges and even handles. The door should blend and extend lines as if it was a part of the original design of the home.
  • Raised Ranch Style Homes & Colonial Bungalows are complimentary with horizontal patterns and modest hardware.
  • Contemporary Style Homes are often best with clean lines, like plain doors or panels with horizontal grooves, to add that unique touch.

We Are Here to Help

Primos Garage Doors is here to work with you and assist you in designing your custom, unique, and envious garage door. Working with a professional and experienced company will provide you with a comfortable experience and provide a beautiful and functional result! Give the experts at Primos Garage Doors a call today for a free estimate/consult (720) 621-7737.

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